Historic Photography

as a photographer, Jillian is highly skilled in both digital and darkroom procedures. She works with both experimental and traditional dark room techniques, and is capable of digitizing film negatives and photo restoration. In her spare time, Jillian also enjoys taking photographs, particularly with her 1940s era 4x5 camera, and often shows her work as a means to raise awareness for Historic Preservation needs. Her favorite subjects naturally include historic buildings, both grand and dilapidated.

  • Preservation Image
  • Image of Cabin, Coyote Creek, New Mexico
  • Image of Cabin, Las Vegas, New Mexico
  • Image of Standing Chimney of Collapsed House
  • Image of Church, El Porvenier, New Mexico
  • Image of Cliff Dwellings, Bandalier, New Mexico
  • Image of Collapsed Building, Mulberry, Tennessee
  • Image of Collapsed Building, Mulberry, Tennessee
  • Image of Dairy Farm, Elora, Tennessee
  • Image of Kiva, Bandalier, New Mexico
  • Image of Dilapidated House,  Lois, Tennessee
  • Image of Moore County Courthouse, Lynchburg, Tennessee
  • Image of Countryside, Mora, New Mexico
  • Image of Old Bridge, Mulberry, Tennessee
  • Image of Clothes Pins, Mulberry, Tennessee
  • Image of Porch Swing, Mulberry, Tennessee
  • Image of United World College, Gallinas, New Mexico